Dental/Doctor Visit Video Shop FAQs

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Q. How do I book the appointment for the dentist?
A. Use the call recording system located on your shop form to place the call. When you are finished, enter in the details on the shop form and submit the shop. Be sure that your call recording has successfully attached to your shop form before you submit it. Once your phone shop is submitted, the editors will listen to your call to ensure you said everything you needed to say. They will then put the shop form for the actual appointment in your log.
Q. The dentist office called me to reschedule. Is that OK?
A. Yes, but we need to have evidence of this rescheduling on a recorded call. Please call them back using the call recording system and confirm your appointment date and time.
Q. I've already made a call. Can I make another on the same call recording system?
A. Yes. All calls made through the system will attach to the shop form, one after another. You do not need to delete any calls to make another one.
Q. Help! I need the payment letter so that I can go to my appointment.
A. This is attached to the shop form for your appointment visit.
Q. Help! You've set the due date too soon. There's no way I can get an appointment for the doctor's office by then.
A. The due date on your phone call shop form is for the phone call only. Once you book your appointment, we will set the due date on the next shop form (for the appointment visit) according to your appointment date. Please be sure to make the appointment for as soon as possible.
Q. Help! I can't make my appointment because I don't have a camera yet.
A. We will send you a camera AFTER your appointment is set and the phone shop form is approved by our editors. Please be sure to book your appointment seven to ten business days after your phone call to give us time to process the camera order.
Q. The camera will be covered by the dental bib. How do I fix that?
A. Our client is aware of this and understands. Please do not worry about adjusting the camera during the visit. We will have audio for that portion of the shop.
Q. What kind of camera will work for these video shops?
A. The camera must be covert, so an iPhone, spy pen, or something similar will not work. Most professional video shoppers use a camera similar to the Lawmate PV500, and this is the camera we would loan to you, if you borrowed one of ours. We will send you a button camera under most circumstances.
Q. Will I have to pay for any expenses at the doctor's office?
A. Each type of doctor has specific things that will be covered by the client, at no cost to you. For example, at a regular dental visit, the cost of the exam, x-rays, and a basic cleaning are covered expenses. You will have a payment letter that you will bring with you and use at the end of the shop, and the doctor's office will not charge you for the services covered by that payment letter. However, you may be asked by the doctor's office to pay for your visit at the start of your shop. If this happens, write a check or pay in cash, and you will be refunded this payment at the end of your visit when you reveal the payment letter.
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