How to test if your equipment is working.

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How shoppers can test that their equipment is working

Video shoppers can record a simple and very short test when they first get their equipment. Each video camera box should contain a USB-to-camera cable. At the top of the DVR unit is a little plastic flap, which is where the DVR-portion of the cable is inserted. Plug the DVR into your computer and the camera's display will say "USB mode." Your computer should then give you a popup or window explorer to view the files on the video camera. No files displaying will mean that nothing’s been recorded.


Additionally there is a circular icon at the bottom left of all of the DVR displays. It will be a blank circle when no SD card is inserted or one is not detected. It will be multi-colored (orange-yellow-green) when an SD card is inserted, indicating the level of memory still available to record upon.  


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